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White heart keepsakes

Buy a gift card

Buy a gift card

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If you don't know which product your loved one would choose, this is a way to enable the recipient to buy whatever they like from the store! It can be DIY breastmilk jewelry, pet memorial DIY kits, custom or premade jewelry etc.

This freedom allows them to buy what they truly need, and it gives you the satisfaction of having gifted well!


Stainless steel

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Care Instructions

For jewellery: It is important not to expose your jewellery to chlorinated or salt water or to high temperatures (such as prolonged direct sun exposure).
We generally recommend that you do not wear your jewelry when performing certain activities (sports etc.) to prevent it from comming into contact with sweat or being knocked off. We recommend avoiding direct exposure to fragrance, soap, chemicals or cosmetics, as these could affect its color and form. It is best to wait until fragrances and cosmetics have dried completely before wearing your jewelry.

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