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Basic DIY breastmilk jewellery kit stainless steel / golden shade

Basic DIY breastmilk jewellery kit stainless steel / golden shade

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Making breastmilk jewellery is a wonderful way to cherish the special bond between a mom and her baby! Now you can create your very own breastmilk jewellery at home, and this kit contains everything you will need. You can even include a lock of hair.

What’s included in this kit:

Set of tips and instructions with photographs

Breastmilk preservation powder

Parchment paper

Silica gel

Clear 2-component resin of the highest quality

Slicone molds for up to 7 pendants

3 stainless steel jump rings / golden shade

2 cups

2 stirring sticks

2 syringes

White glitters

Pearl white mica powder

Gold leaf flakes

A warranty

What you need:

Your milk


We guarantee that you will make a gorgeous looking breastmilk piece of jewelry, and it will remain beautiful through the years without the change in colour.

Cherish the emotion and beauty of your breastfeeding journey!



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Care Instructions

For jewellery: It is important not to expose your jewellery to chlorinated or salt water or to high temperatures (such as prolonged direct sun exposure).
We generally recommend that you do not wear your jewelry when performing certain activities (sports etc.) to prevent it from comming into contact with sweat or being knocked off. We recommend avoiding direct exposure to fragrance, soap, chemicals or cosmetics, as these could affect its color and form. It is best to wait until fragrances and cosmetics have dried completely before wearing your jewelry.

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